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I used to be you. After ten years of honorable service to my country, I went into the private sector and found challenges I’d never encountered before. I had big plans and big ideas, but for seven years I struggled to just survive. I went bankrupt. My wife and son watched our car get repossessed. We were kicked out of a rented house during Christmas–right after my young son had decorated the tree. Finally, I learned the principles described in this book and started a tried and true business. Within three and a half years, I went from negative numbers to having over $1,000,000 in my bank account.

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The Veterans’ Guide is a companion piece to One Million in the Bank. It has two case studies of Veterans’ who went from nothing to millionaires and specific resources for Veterans.

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I want to save you all the headache and heartache I went through, if I can. Or, if you’re in the middle of your own troubles, I want to show you how to not only improve your situation but how to literally change your life.

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The Women’s Guide is a companion piece to One Million in the Bank. It has two case studies of women who went from nothing to millionaires and specific resources for women.

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Watch a Few Testimonial Videos About the Main Book and the Guides

Veteran’s Guide To
One Million In The Bank

One Million In The Bank
How To Make $1,000,000

Women’s Guide To
One Million In The Bank

Praise for One Million in the Bank

“This practical book, based on proven principles, gives you the tools, techniques, and mindset to achieve financial independence faster than you ever thought possible.”

Brian Tracy

Author of Million Dollar Habits

“I wish I’d had this book when I started my company. Since I didn’t, I had to learn everything through trial and error. Still, I was able to go from zero to millionaire in just two years. I know Mike’s principles work because they’re exactly the ones I used. Now, I can serve my community to fulfill a passion (not for a paycheck). Follow Mike’s business advice and you can put $1,000,000 in the bank, too!”

Rick Staly

Undersheriff of Flagler County, Former owner and founder of American Eagle Sentry

“One Million is an extraordinary book. Slavin has drawn on his career as a serial entrepreneur and shared the most practical, and therefore useful, insights, ideas, and information I have ever read on what it takes to start a successful business—EVER!”

Bryan Mattimore

Cofounder of The Growth Engine Company

“Mike provides relevant and actionable advice based on his own experiences and those of everyday people from all walks of life, showing how anyone—and I mean anyone—can seek and obtain financial success.”

Kelly Perdew

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, Winner of "The Apprentice" Season 2

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