Millionaire Update One Million in the Bank in 3-7 Years


I hope my book can put you on the path to becoming a millionaire.



Millionaire-Update-One Million in the Bank in 3-7 Years by Michael L.F. Slavin

Millionaire-One Million in the Bank keeps getting reworked, reorganized, and I keep adding stories that are great learning vehicles of regular people with a regular business getting one million dollars or more in the bank. I am a year behind schedule but the book does keep getting better. My goal is to Continue reading


A Few Wristbands, A Few Years, A Few Million Dollars


Making millions with wristbands.

Mashnoon Ahmed, Mueen Akhter, and Aziz Mansoor are three young men who each put $2,000 into starting their company. They started selling customized silicone wristbands online in 2007 from a small garage. They have a great story with three steps, a few wristbands, a few years, a few million dollars. In 2012 they had annual gross sales of over $36,000,000. Continue reading