How a yardman became a multi-millionaire

If you are reading my blog or plan to read my book, you would like to have one million dollars in the bank. How often do you think about it? What are you doing about it? Get started, but if you start, make sure you put the time and energy into your new tried and true business to be successful.

I talked to a lady in North Carolina; she has a business that she started a couple of years ago. It is a throwback business, she teaches refinement. She feels every single child and young adult should be taught manners, respect for others, and more. It is basic stuff, like table manners, standing when a lady enters the room, and holding doors for people. But it goes on and teaches a little ball room dancing,  being grateful to those around you,  sending thank you cards, and much more. She started by going to the SCORE office in her city. She said she got great advice and her business took off. Then she spent too much volunteer time at the church, about 30 hours a week, and she got hurt which slowed her down but she did recover. Her business stopped growing and now needs to be restarted. In her own words, “It was my own fault; I did not do what my SCORE counselor advised me to do.”

You will have obstacles, I guarantee it. You must be prepared mentally for the obstacles and work through them. I am not saying her volunteer time at the church was not important, that was a choice. But it can become an excuse too, she admitted to me that she could have cut that time back, and put more focus on her business. This may not be inspirational, but it is a big part of being successful and needs to be discussed.

I know there are many stories like this, and I hope our manners lady restarts and makes her $1,000,000, I will keep track of her. There are also many inspiring and true stories of people who have been very successful. You read and hear about them all the time, but mostly just the hugely successful people. The people working towards a $1,000,000 or the little millionaires who are still working hard in their business are much more private than the Trumps, Buffets, or Gates. I was surprised how many of these people I have found in my research. One of these stories was a Hispanic U. S. citizen, with no education who was a yardman. The story is told in my book, but briefly, with no money, he had to borrow from every friend and family member he could to scrape up $20,000 to buy a plant nursery that was offered to him. After he bought it, he found it was misrepresented and was losing money. But now as an owner his whole mindset changed and he made it work. Only a few years later, it was worth millions. So a lady stumbles and a yardman becomes a millionaire, both valuable lessons for each and every one of us to get our own one million in the bank.

Start thinking about business ownership, look for a tried and true business, start a business plan, and seek advice. Expect obstacles! You really can have One Million in the Bank.

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