My book recommendation- 21 Questions for 21 Millionaires is good for any aspiring millionaires. The author, Brandon Pipkin, more or less asks all the 21 millionaires he interviewed the same questions, so you the reader can compare their answers. The first 30 pages are a brief summary and introduction and then there are about 320 pages of interview transcripts. That may sound boring but I assure it is not. You hear the life stories of these people in their words and how they became millionaires. It is inspiring and you get a little depth to each of their stories.

There are patterns in their stories, but most of them never planned to be millionaires. Hard work was a big component of everyone and an attitude that they would succeed. Almost none of them did any kind of detailed goal setting like all the gurus teach, and few of them pursued a passion except a passion to succeed. Many of them when asked what their passion was their answer was their family. This does not mean they did not love what they did, because they did.

This book is consistent with everything in my book, except these people did not have the advantage of head start you will have by reading One Million in the Bank In 3-10 years.

You should keep pushing yourself along and reading books that help you are a big benefit. Good luck of getting your own $1,000,000.

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