Why Don’t You Have One Million Dollars?

Why Don’t You Have One Million Dollars?


Why don’t you have a million dollars? You can through business ownership.

Why don’t you have one million dollars?

Why don’t you have one million dollars? The assumption is that you want one million dollars. The question is why don’t you have one million dollars? It is not just wanting it and being willing to work for it, you must first believe it can be done and then take the steps to put yourself in a position to accomplish it. You may have no education, no job, bad credit, and be struggling financially. Or, you may have a good education, a good job, good credit, and even a little money in the bank. In both situations and everything in-between, you can have one million dollars in your bank account. It may take a few years of hard work and dedication, but very few things worth doing will come easy. (more…)

A Lady Stumbles and a Yardman Becomes a Millionaire

A Lady Stumbles and a Yardman Becomes a Millionaire



How a yardman became a multi-millionaire

If you are reading my blog or plan to read my book, you would like to have one million dollars in the bank. How often do you think about it? What are you doing about it? Get started, but if you start, make sure you put the time and energy into your new tried and true business to be successful.

I talked to a lady in North Carolina; she has a business that she started a couple of years ago. It is a throwback business, she teaches refinement. (more…)

Free Advice and Education at SCORE and the SBDC

Free Advice and Education at SCORE and the SBDC



SCORE and the SBDC

SCORE and the SBDC are tremendous assets. I am very excited about my investigation of these two agencies that could really be helpful to so many people. Get free advice and education at SCORE and the SBDC, do not pass up these resources.. In short SCORE has retired executives who can help you start or improve your existing business; the Small Business Development Council (SBDC) has professional counselors to help you do the same. Both organizations also have educational courses very cheap or free. (more…)

Future Millionaire Just Needs a Job

I thought my book, One Million in the Bank would appeal to professionals trying to take the next step financially. However, the community consists of people from every economic level and many of the questions from my One Million in the Bank G+ Community seem to be more basic. This means a future millionaire just needs a job for now. Here is a recent question to the community: (more…)

Helping People Become Millionaires

One of my new missions in life is to help as many people as possible to become millionaires or at least to be better off financially. Money is not everything, but it really gives so much freedom to ones life. Plus by helping people to become millionaires more wealth is being created and this will lift all of society. Wealth is not a zero sum game. Wealth can be created and added to society. (more…)

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