I thought my book, One Million in the Bank would appeal to professionals trying to take the next step financially. However, the community consists of people from every economic level and many of the questions from my One Million in the Bank G+ Community seem to be more basic. This means a future millionaire just needs a job for now. Here is a recent question to the community:

 “Does anyone in the community have any advice for beginner money makers or how to take first steps from scratch? I know once you have money you have to save it also.  Thanks for any advice, tips or ideas you can present.”
 My answer was that this is a journey that you are just starting. Eventually to have $1,000,000 you will probably need to own your own business, but first it sounds like you need to work on the basics. The advice from another member of this community, to get a job and go to school, is a little basic. The bigger picture is you need to acquire knowledge and skills. Even if you have to take an hourly job in a fast food place, do not waste this time. Do the best job you can at anything you do, work hard, learn all the jobs, take all the initiative and responsibility that you can. But a lot of people work hard and that is not enough; you must be planning for your future. Read on your own about successful people, finance, sales and marketing. Also look for the friends you would like to have at the next stage of your life, people that can help lift you.
The One Million in the Bank community is not about job advice: however, maybe it should be, you may have to have many jobs until you are ready. You can always get a job as a waiter and here in Houston the average is $49,000 for full time. My first job was as a waiter. The nicer the restaurant, the more you make. You may need to start at a less prestigious restaurant with no experience and move up. Many waiters work part time so they can go to school. My waitress yesterday is in her last year of a geology degree. Of course there are many jobs available if you really want it.
The point is to expand your job search, but keep your bigger goal in mind, collect skills and knowledge. You may also take jobs that help you learn a skill. Consider a second job for more income and learning. If you do not go to school, you might work for free part time to get your foot in the door of a  profession you want. You should also seek out successful business people and ask their advice, they could open doors for you.
I love the attitude in the community and there is a tremendous amount you can do now. You can have financial freedom-believe it and achieve it, but only with your actions.

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