One of my new missions in life is to help as many people as possible to become millionaires or at least to be better off financially. Money is not everything, but it really gives so much freedom to ones life. Plus by helping people to become millionaires more wealth is being created and this will lift all of society. Wealth is not a zero sum game. Wealth can be created and added to society.

The absolute most important trait to exhibit to put one on the road to having $1,000,000 in the bank must be personal responsibility. After you accept that responsibility for yourself, then it becomes dream it, believe it, and achieve it. Most people can dream big, they can also act like they believe it is possible, but the real crux becomes how to achieve it. The most accessible way to having $1,000,000 in the bank is with business ownership or equity in a business. You do not need to own 100% of the business, just a piece of a successful business by having some equity can get you there.
I am not selling anything yet, but my book will be out soon, hopefully this year, One Million in the Bank. I thought I was done at least with a complete draft, but I got a good critical review from someone I respect very much. So I have expanded on some points in my book.
What can I tell you now that is really useful? Regardless of where you are starting on this journey, start planning and taking action as soon as possible, today if possible. You must put your mind in the right mindset and environment. You need to be around the right people; you must read or study the right material. If you can’t see any way of reaching a $1,000,000 goal, then you must start changing what you are doing, start today. You can do this.

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