The Starting Point

I talk to many strangers, everywhere, all the time. I love to ask people about their attitudes and their dreams. How people feel about wealth and what they are doing about it. All of these stories are inspirational, because they show you where you may be, and how to get started.

The 27 Year Old Account Manager

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Selling is Imperative to the $1,000,000 Goal

Sara graduated with a marketing Degree in 2011. Her father was in the oil business, so she gravitated to a job in the oil business. Her two jobs after graduating was as an account manager for oil related companies. She was not really happy at either company; the oil business is still very male oriented. But she has been at her current company as an account manager for about a year. She is happy, she likes her job and she gets paid well.

She Hates Sales

When I asked her if she was in sales, I got a loud “No”. She told me she was a account manager, she takes care of clients that have already joined their program. Without me asking anything else she went on about how she hates sales, she hates to manipulate people and talk them into things they may not even want. She told me her strength was in relationship building. I did not go into her having the wrong attitude about sales. But she must change it completely if she ever hopes to have a successful business.

The $1,000,000 Question

I told her a little about my book and then I asked if she ever thought of owning her own business? She said “Yes” emphatically, but told me that having $1,000,000 was never a goal of hers. She said of course everyone thinks of being rich sometimes, but it usually does not go beyond a very occasional daydream.  She said she was just tired of working for people who do not seem to care about you. Plus as a single Mom being able to control her own schedule would be much better. She also hates the politics when you work for someone else.

Why Haven’t You Started a Business Yet?

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Any Small Business Can Make It to $1,000,000.

This question can sound a little rough and too blunt, but it gets to the point. Lauren did not hesitate to start answering, “I just don’t know how? I do not know where to start.”  Then she gave me more reasons, “ I don’t have the money to start a business or support myself if I quit my job.” “ I don’t have a unique or special idea to start a business with.” Then she added, “I just feel it is going to take a long time and a lot of time, plus I will have to save my money and try to pool up enough to start.”

These are the very common list of reasons why people have not started their own business. I cover all of them in my book and in different places on my blog. None of these reasons should stop you; they can all be worked around.

All the Free Help

Sara was very surprised at all the free help including the SBDC, SCORE, and the WBC.  Plus there are many other free resources of help. She kept asking me as if in disbelief, “It is free?” “They help with your business plan too?” I told her yes to both.

What This Does for You?

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Planning is an Importatant Step to a $1,000,000 Business

Sara’s answers are so typical. I am sure you can relate to some or all of her answers. Plus very few people know of the free and low cost services available to help people get into business. The next step is to take action. Start planning right now for your business. You could be the next millionaire.

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”

– William B. Sprague


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