I did not get much done this whole year except talking about my sales book. Yes, I was putting some words on paper and taking notes in my sales book journal, but not as much as I should have. I talked to my employees, my family, my friends, and strangers, but not much got done. I had already read so many sales books over the years it was not funny. I had read them to get better at selling and negotiating. But now I needed to read for research to write my book. I bought and read many more sales books. Everyone had an angle, but most were saying the same thing. We are all selling all the time, so I thought I had a good topic, but honestly after reading all those extra books on sales, I did not think I could offer anything new. I would have to pick my own angle, my own buzz words then say what everybody else said. I guess I had lost the spark somewhere towards the end of 2010 to help people with a sales book.

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