If a person does have a viable idea for a new product or service I think that is great. Many people say they have lots of ideas but no money. However, I again emphasize that my focus and recommendation is the surest route for most of us is to having $1,000,000 in the bank, which is to copy an existing business model that others have already done.

I had a lady tell me she had lots of ideas, but lacked capital. That is a little vague to give a good answer to. If you have a really good idea and honestly most are not or already done, then you should get a minimally viable product into the market. Test it and you will be surprised at what you see. You may find a good product. If you have a good developed idea, with some sort of a business plan, the money is there. Most do not develop or test their ideas, often they do not try because they do not feel they can find the money. Without an in depth discussion, I would try crowdfunding and individuals who could help fund a project.
I want to go back to the best idea is to start a business you are familiar with, copy that business. If that is not possible, then do some research and find a business you like. Prepare a business plan and go find the money. I would try the same two sources as I mentioned above first. I know much more needs to be said about getting money from individuals, but there are so many people looking for investments and maybe the excitement of owning part of a business. These people would invest $10,000 to $100,000 each, and you would need a partnership agreement. The expense of the agreement could be recaptured in the money you raise, so could your first year’s salary. There is a lot written about this already, educated yourself as best you can. Ask others who have been there to help you, most people are very generous with advice and like to help others.
Probably most small business owners are not millionaires, but this is probably because they never scale their business. From the very beginning you need to be thinking about how to scale your business, this will most likely be done with additional locations or the internet. The goal I am suggesting is not to own yachts or own a mansion, but to have $1,000,000 in the bank or enough for you to feel you have financial independence.

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