Opportunity is there for you to have $1,000,000

Opportunity is there for you to have $1,000,000

Live Your Dream

Opportunity is everywhere, we all know that, but then why hasn’t everyone made $1,000,000 yet?  I have covered so many stories of people doing it with regular businesses everywhere. They are not extra smart, definitely not richer, and they do not know the secret password. Opportunity is there, but you must take action. Recently in my Google+ Community a man complained he had no head for business and has failed twice.  I told him, his having no head for business really was just not having the experience and training. I told him if he thoroughly researched his next business, identified his weaknesses and strengthened those areas, and also sought advice and help from others like the SBDC and SCORE-he might then just have a very good head for business.
So many people take off halfcocked or not cocked at all.  Just settle down, get started and systematically get ready, then start your business.

Don’t Pass Up Low Risk Opportunities

This may not be a good example of a thorough plan, but it is for grabbing opportunity for a low risk. What if you saw a school bus for sale on eBay for $350?

The $350 shool bus

The $350 School Bus!

Would you buy it? I know of an individual always looking for business opportunities, Gabriel. He saw a bus for sale for $350, the ad said it was old but operational. He bought it sight unseen then found out it was in Maine, if he wanted it, he had to go to Maine and drive it back to Texas. That is exactly what he did. On the way back he noticed an old Pizza Hut was selling its furniture He pulled over, bought several pieces for next to nothing and loaded it into the bus. He was thinking what a great way to redo the interior of the bus. He was already thinking of fixing it up and reselling it, or maybe rent it out as a party bus. The whole trip was a great adventure and would give him some great memories. But on the trip it gave him a lot of time to think about how to use his new bus. He did notice on the way back to Texas that the bus had a pretty good smoke trail coming out of the exhaust, he knew he would have to take care of that too. A new muffler cost more than the bus but it had to be replaced. The total cost of fixing it up to rent out was about $3,500.

Now a Party Bus!

Now a Party Bus!

He now rents it out for $450/night, 5-8 times/month and gets referral fees for when he is overbooked.
This is just another example of keeping your eyes open for opportunity and taking a small calculated risk as a way to make some extra income to help you get to $1,000,000 in the bank.

Create an Opportunity

Even more unique is his business model as a Business Incubator, which can be found at www.TechStudios.net.  His company motto is “Ideas taken to execution.” If someone has a business idea but does not know how to start, how to get the money, or how to find the time, he will get the company started and tested. He will put the plan together, assemble the team, find the means to finance the operation and get the company going.

Get help for an idea

If you have an idea, look for help from SCORE, SBDC or a conslutant.

The original idea generator can buy it all back later if he wants the whole company. In one sense this is a variation on asking your friends for ideas, to be discussed later, except he lets clients bring ideas to him and gets paid to develop their ideas.
You have to be cautious to not just do anything to make money; you must do things that could lead to $1,000,000. Gabriel will admit his party bus will never make him $1,000,000. Maybe it possibly could if he got more organized, and maybe located party busses in different cities or maybe even franchise the idea. But he really did not want to pursue it. It is best to decide on a business that will have the kind of cash flow and net profit needed to make you enough to save $1,000,000. Do your research, make a business plan and get advisor help. Of course you may need partners for the money to start and grow, but a good plan and your own confidence can get you the money you need.

You can also find your way to the door of opportunity.

You can also find your way to the door of opportunity.

In my interview I found he agreed wholeheartedly that almost any business can get you to $1,000,000 in the bank with good execution, sales, and marketing. He has a solid plan well researched for his Business Incubator, yet he keeps his eye out for low risk opportunities.  Get your head in the game…………..start your plan to save $1,000,000.

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