Bob’s House on the Lake

Chances are you will not become a millionaire without some type of sales being involved. Businesses fail for typically one reason, they do not have enough revenue generated by sales. If you consider yourself to have good sales skills, that is great, but it is a skill which must be continually nurtured and used properly. If you do not consider yourself good at sales, or hate thinking about sales, you need to find a team member who is good at sales or work on it more yourself. In this case, Bob had raw sales ability, but he had taken a misstep that could have cost him his future.

Most prisoners will return to prison, 52-80 % of the time, depending on the study you examine. Bob had already been kicked out of the Navy for possession of marijuana, and then just a few years later went to prison for 2 years for another possession charge. When in prison he vowed to repent from his old ways and began to follow God. This helped to set him morally straight, and he found a sales job selling new cars. Then one day Bob received a phone call for a job opening and decided to take a chance. Bob was only 25 years old and was hired as a salesman about 9 years ago for a company that sold big ticket financial products.

Bob loved cars and he liked being around cars (you might call it a passion) and tried to quit the financial position after just 2 weeks. The owner knew Bob was a natural and talked him into giving it a couple of more weeks. Just a week later, Bob made his first sale and was hooked. That job helped to change his life.

He has sold and saved his way into $1,000,000 in the bank in 8 years. He is married now, with a great little boy. He also ventured into real estate and owns a side business, an 18 lot trailer park.

So, what is the lesson for you?

If you have sales skills, do not get stuck in a low paying sales job. Sell something with the biggest commissions that you can find. And yes, to make big money in sales it will probably have to be some form of commission. Do not be afraid of commission-only sales jobs, as often times they are the highest paying and the most rewarding.

If you can make any kind of money, live frugally (extreme saving) and put as much money away as possible. Over the years many others have had the exact same sales position as Bob; but did not live frugally and did not save. None of them have any substantial savings and they are all still working paycheck to paycheck. If you have $1,000,000 in the bank, you have many, many options. Bob went from a penniless prisoner to a millionaire and business owner.

Maybe you do not have to reinvent yourself; you may already have many skills and a great education. But if a young man without much education (and some prison time) can reinvent himself and become a millionaire, then why can’t you? Start today by thinking about business ownership, or maybe your first step is to upgrade your sales job and save like a madman (or madwoman). Do not rest there, but start a business plan and follow through with it.


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