Michael L. F. Slavin


Mike loves to speak to groups, to inspire and to educate. With a pre-speech interview, the presentation can be customized to meet your goals and objectives for your meeting. I have created entirely new presentations for some clients. I can speak to an entrepreneurial or to a corporate audience.

Presentations that have been delivered before include:


You Can Do So Much More Than You Think


Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Growth
Leading With Passion and Bringing Everyone Along With You
Propelling Growth With Teams


One Million in the Bank: How To Make $1,000,000 With Your Own Business, Even If You Have No Money or Experience (Based on Mike Slavin’s Best Selling Book)

Would you like the opportunity to work with Mike?

To Book Mike Slavin to Speak at your Next Event or inquire about availability, Fill out the form below Mike will bring inspirational messages to any audience. With his unique style of excitement, energy, and sincerity, Mike brings the inspiration through his message and her humor. Everyone, regardless of age or gender, will relate to his story and the key messages he brings to your event.

Your audience will leave empowered, entertained, and enchanted with Mike.

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Mike is comfortable with big events and smaller events. He will make it a time to remember setting the stage for large events and can be an asset to your team planning the event.

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