Inspiration to Write Thanks Craig Ferguson

Inspiration to Write Thanks Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson Inspiration

Craig Ferguson-who would ever think that Craig Ferguson of the Late Late Show would be my inspiration to write more and enough to get me on track to eventually produce One Million in the Bank. I stumbled through the first part of 2011 without getting much done on my sales book, but after watching Ferguson’s show my writing took off.

paris france

Craig Ferguson interviews writer in Paris.

As I watched his show that night, I even had my notes and the little bit I had written opened with my pen in hand.  Craig Ferguson was in Paris, France interviewing an American that owned a book store in Paris. She said she wanted to write a book, but could not find the time. What is important is what he told her. Craig Ferguson said,”Write one page a day and in one year you will have a 365 page book.” I know this is not earth shattering advice, but the combination of me not getting anywhere on my book and the lady in Paris not achieving her dreams-that was the right setting for me to really hear his advice and let it sink into my thick skull.

I Got Started Writing For Real

I stood up, walked to my computer and wrote a couple of pages about something easy, my childhood. Then as I would think of another story in my past, I would pause a second and put that topic into the table of contents and go back to writing. I called this book My 365 Page Book. At the end of the year I had to write 25 pages the last week of December to catch up. Still on on December 31, it had been 147 days and I made sure I had 147 pages written. This was my story, not a story of how to help others, but I remember thinking- I can write a whole book. Thanks, Craig. You really were my inspiration.

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