Do You Need Money for Your Business Idea?

Many, many people feel that the road block to their success is they do not have the money.  Do you need money for your business idea?  That is probably not the real problem. So many times the real problem is not having a plan. Many also may not even be in a position to complete a business plan. How bad do you want it? This is not about how do I get a job or buy into a multilevel marketing program; it is how to secure financial independence. Yes $1,000,000 in the bank, but I’ll bet a lot of people would like to start with $10,000 in the bank or $100,000 in the bank. (more…)

One Million in the Bank-Starting My Book

I stared my One Million in the Bank blog on August 30th 2013, but I was working on the book long before that and was keeping my own journal. My first blog posting, One Million in the Bank-Starting My Book, and the next 3 entries of this book will be from my journal and dated when the entries were made.

I have for quite a while now wanted to give back and thought the best way to do this would be a book helping as many people as I could achieve financial success. I hope my blog and book will be helpful to everyone and then an ongoing inspiration for those people wanting to have $1,000,000 in the Bank. I am a West Point graduate, class of 1975, and then I had 10 great years of military service. I was recruited out of the military, and then had 7 years of real struggle including bankruptcy, and then a few years later I was a millionaire by the age of 45.

Although the goal was the same to help people to have financial freedom, I thought a sales book would be the best way to go. I have written in my journals about sales for many years. I have been seriously selling and teaching others to sell ever since I got out of the Army in 1985. In about 2005 I decided to write a book for real and as I said I wanted it to be a book that was helpful to people. My first try was to write a sales book, because I know everyone sales all the time. I never had a writing schedule and just worked on it when I wanted. I did not get much done in 2009.


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