The Biggest Free Resource (Mini Case Studies) My Blog

I feel one of the best free resources you have are the stories I have collected. Almost every story I have I have personally interviewed the people and still have contact with them. Every one of these stories is what I call mini case studies. The case study method is used at the Harvard Business School, Wharton and many of the major business schools.

Read them all, even if you do not think it is an area of interest to you. Every story has lessons to learn, how to raise money, how to market, how to get advice and it is all from a real live person that did it in a real live situation. Most of my posts are stories of people who have made a million dollars with a tried-and-true business, or are in the process. These are regular people that may only be a year ahead of you, or may have just hit their first million in the bank after 5-6 years. As you read the stories, stop and think about how you could use what they have learned or tried.

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