You Really Can Have One Million Dollars

You Really Can Have One Million Dollars

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Richard Branson, these people have had huge success, but their stories do not have much value to the man or woman wanting to start a small business. The stories that matter most, are about people who have started with little or nothing and are still on the path to making their million, or have made their first million and are growing their business. These are the stories I share, trying to capture what happens in those first few years.

Learning From Others Experiences

They are important because these people have just done what you need to do and are still in the fight. There are lessons to learn in all the stories. As you read the different stories, you may wonder what a story about a lady starting her gluten-free bread business could help you at all. Just in her short story you can get ideas of how to scale, as she has done a great job of that. You can see how it really took her 3 years to position herself for big growth before it really took off. Or you may wonder what a plant nursery owner can teach you. With no money at all, he borrowed from friends to get started. Then he sought advice from the SBDC, and this put him on track to be worth $9,500,000 in about 8 years. Or the lady, who was a security guard for 14 years and told the SDBC counselor she wanted to start a security company but had no experience. She took the free courses offered to learn about finance, marketing, and how to start her business. They helped her with a business plan and she won a $5,000 local grant for inner city business. Her first year was beyond her expectations, she hired nine employees and made over $100,000. She expects to at least double that in the second year with the business model now in place. Last year she was a security guard, and now she is the CEO of a growing security company. The big lesson here is everything is available for you, so you can learn what you need to in order to start and succeed in a business. It also does not take much money. They all started with very small amounts of money in their first year, such as $5,000 of savings the first year, a $20,000 family loan (repaid in 1 year), and a $5,000 city grant. You should step into your new business carefully, part time, evenings and weekends if necessary and keep your current job. The point is anyone can start a tried-and –true business that can lead to one million dollars in the bank in just a few years.

All The Tools Are There

Some people complain they do not know how to start a business or what kind of business to start.  Other people might say that they cannot afford to start a business, or maybe they cannot get the money needed to start a business. However, the facts just do not support that at all. It is really more about your mindset and your own ability to put yourself into action. Everything you need can be learned, and most of it quickly. I think almost anyone could prepare them self in about a year or less to start their own business. The advice and resources are available. You may even fail at your first try, but your odds are much higher than the national average of success if you prepare and plan your business and seek advice from those who have been there before you.

Start Today

Anyone can get $1,000,000 in the bank by starting and growing a business. Start taking some action today. You may need some run up time to start your business, mostly depending on your skills and experience. It could just be a few months or maybe even a couple of years, but do not delay – get started today! You Really Can Have One Million Dollars!

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