Image related to Appeals to budding entrepreneurs from all walks of life

Appeals to budding entrepreneurs from all walks of life

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Clear, easy-to-understand advice for all experience levels

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Winner of multiple book awards

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The audience leaves inspired and motivated

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What are the best entrepreneur books?

The best entrepreneurial books accomplish two goals.

First, they inspire the reader. Without this inspiration, the reader will not be ready to take any action to make any meaningful change. Entrepreneurship is full of challenges, and this inspiration should also provide the reader with the enthusiasm and drive it takes to tackle these challenges with a positive attitude and plenty of joyful energy.

Second, a good entrepreneurial book must give the reader practical, actionable advice. It must create a road map from the reader's current reality to the bright new future that awaits. This advice must be clear, easy to follow, and easy to understand.

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Why is One Million in the Bank so Successful?

One Million in the Bank fills a gap in business literature. Other books tackle how to start a business. Some discuss the author's story, but don't provide any formula hopeful readers might be able to duplicate.

One Million in the Bank shares a collection of stories about everyday people who became wildly successful. Each of the individuals profiled and interviewed in author Michael L.F. Slavin's book launched or purchased a tried-and-true business like the companies most of us interact with every single day: garden centers, roofing companies, and laundromats. Each of these ordinary people became a millionaire in 3-7 years, on average.

Slavin delivers actionable advice to help readers duplicate these successes, even if those who don't have the next big, new, innovative idea. He also shares how readers can tap into free resources like the SBA, SCORE, mentors, and counselors. Finally, Slavin provides guidance on locating potential investors who might be living right in the neighborhood.

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How else can I learn about becoming an entrepreneur?

It's not a bad idea to attend a presentation by a renowned motivational speaker like Slavin, who is committed to sharing useful, actionable information. This is a great option for those who learn better by hearing or need just that little extra push to take action. It's also a fantastic opportunity to voice concerns and ask questions. Best of all, it's a great way to quickly share powerful information with a group of people you care about, or community members you'd like to see succeed. If you're in a position to hire a motivational speaker like Slavin, you're in a position to change lives for the better.



  • One Million In The Bank
    I like the way Mike tells it like it is.
    If you want a get rich quick scheme, you're reading the wrong book.

    You will have to earn this money. That's the truth. But let me tell you, IT'S DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

    Written by : Michael R.
  • One Million In The Bank
    All the drive in the world is wasted if you don't know what to do.
    With the practical advice in this book, you'll know exactly how to move forward.

    I loved how the author talks about getting successful at starting a business without acting like Internet marketing is the only thing that's out there. This book is an easy read that covers multiple topics—that's everything I like about a business book!

    Written by : Derek L.
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