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Actionable advice

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Audiences relate to Slavin's struggles

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Proven formulas anyone can benefit from

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Step-by-step guidance on how to raise funds

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What is a motivational speaker?

By definition, a motivational speaker delivers speeches intended to motivate and inspire audiences. However, too many people believe motivational speaking is really only about getting the audience excited.

Excitement is superficial. A true motivational speaker moves your heart and mind by ensuring you leave the presentation with at least one actionable, practical piece of information you can use to change your life. That's the challenge, and that's the mark of a speaker who will leave a lasting impact, even if you only hear him or her once.

It's not just about feeling good. It's about learning how to become a better person and igniting the drive to enact the speaker's advice.

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What topics does Michael L.F. Slavin Cover?

Michael L.F. Slavin has a multi-faceted background that makes it possible for him to speak on many subjects. His motivational, leadership management, and entrepreneurial topics include:

  • You Can Do So Much More Than You Think
  • Passion for Life
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Growth
  • Leading with Passion and Bringing Everyone Along With You
  • One Million in the Bank: How to Make $1 million, Even With No Money

Slavin's One Million in the Bank speech is based on his award-winning book of the same name. Reading it is a good way to get a sense of Slavin's approach to entrepreneurial success and the types of actionable advice he provides while speaking.

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What are Michael L.F. Slavin's Qualifications?

Michael L.F. Slavin came from humble beginnings. He was raised by his grandparents, who only had a 5th and 6th grade education. They always told him, however, that he could be whatever he wanted to be, advice he took to heart. He went on to graduate from West Point in 1975. Then in the military he was commissioned as an infantry officer and later became an aviation officer flying attack helicopters. He also went on to command two units before being recruited out of the Army.

The company that recruited him did not live up to their commitments and Slavin struggled for 7 years. In his own words: "These were some of the toughest years of my life." His cars were repossessed. The bank foreclosed on his home just before Christmas, and he literally had to carry his crying 3-year-old son away from his Christmas tree on the day the family was forced to leave. Bankruptcy followed.

Slavin then turned things around by starting his own business. Within only three and a half years, he had $1 million in the bank, he was a millionaire. That was over 20 years ago. Since then, Slavin has invested in start-ups, mentored other entrepreneurs, won numerous personal and team awards, and has helped companies grow. He is a natural and seasoned leader with a wealth of insight into all aspects of starting and growing a company, including leadership, management, and sales. He now makes it his life's ambition to teach others how to change their lives for the better.



  • One Million In The Bank
    From minimum wage worker to business owner.
    This book is already changing my life!

    Thanks to this book, I've launched my own business and tripled my income!

    Written by : Callie M.
  • One Million In The Bank
    Now I know I don't have to be the next Zuckerberg.
    I was wracking my brains!

    I was driving myself crazy trying to come up with the next big app with no results. Now, I'm looking into purchasing a car wash instead.

    Written by : Daniel C.
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