Change Your Life

Change your life in 2015,you can do it. It is a new year. How will this year be different for you than last year was? In the theme of my book and blog, if you are here this is the year that you put yourself on the path to having a business than allows you to save $1,000,000 in 3-7 years. If you are reading my blog, I hope it has started you thinking about it and maybe even doing something. I am very excited to get my book out, because I really feel it will help lots of people with specific guidance.

What will lead you to change your life? It may be a body of work or an entire book, but more than likely it will be a single story, or a single concept. For you, at that moment, the light will go on. You will not have it all figured out yet, but you will suddenly believe you can do it and you will be able to see the path to get it done. That will change your life.

I am also excited to start getting feedback. I feel a part of my second book will be responding to feedback from readers. I hope to hear good stories and problems the readers encountered. I can pass the good stories along as inspiration and examples of what to do. I can also pass along the problems and possible solutions, so others can learn from their example.

Status of My Book

I want my book, One Million in the Bank, to change your life. Of course the book can only tell you how, you must then execute that plan. But you do not have to do it alone, you can get help. I keep getting asked when my book will be out, it is killing me too. I want to put my book in as many people’s hands as possible, as soon as possible. For the last year I have honestly felt many times I was about 30-60 days away from publishing, but then I would meet a twist. However, I am really close now, really.


-I am relooking the cover, I have been told that it projects the wrong image, and that it does not project a serious image. I have been told it may look too much like a get rich quick book, which it is not. I am having another designer take a look and make some proposals.

The Body of the Book

-The book has been written. It needs some editing and formatting, but it is done.

Business people workers group.

I hope my book will have something for everyone.

The Free E-Book Supplements

-Can my e-books and main book really change your life? Yes they can. I extended my book project a little when I got the idea for supplements; they will be focused at a specific audience and will be available as free e-books. I am completing the first two e-books to be released the same time as my book. The new target for my book release is April 1, 2015. Wish me luck.

Each free e-book will have the same format, a success millionaire story for the target audience before and after the middle section. The middle section will have specific meaningful info for that target audience. Then they will have the table of contents of the main book and the first 10 pages of the book in the free e-books. I am hoping to widen my audience with the free but meaningful material so people will want to get the book and whole story. I am starting with a Veteran’s Supplement and a Woman’s Supplement. I plan to have a few more, but not before the release of the book. I hope the free e-books will go viral, everyone should know a veteran and a woman to share this free info with, and I guarantee the free e-books have very good actionable information and new stories not in the book.

My Blog Postings

I was trying to post about once a week and plan to go back to that frequency, but I have fallen behind. I have not posted since 9 December 2014, which is basically over the holidays. I just do not want to post junk, so I didn’t post anything. I love to post case studies of people who have made their $1,000,000 and how they did it, but those stories take me a while to find and interview the principle. I am pretty wrapped up in developing those stories for use in my supplements right now. At least until my book comes out, I will try to post at least one case study a month and another post to help people reach their own $1,000,000.


As I mentioned, I hope to get a lot of feedback when the book and e-book supplements are out. I do not expect anything to change your life overnight, but it can happen. Still, I would love to get your feedback and or comments now, if you have any. Feel free to comment on this post or email me directly and I will answer.

Good Luck in 2015

Good luck card with colorful dahlia flowers

Funny how the more you do the luckier you get.

Decide to be lucky and then do everything you can to prove yourself right. Does luck really exist? I don’t know, but I know I feel lucky. I also know the more active I am, the more people I meet, the more I learn and study, and the luckier I get. I encourage you to get busy and to take action. You can create your own luck. Make 2015 the best year so far. Get out there and start making your $1,000,000 in the bank. I sincerely want you to be able to change your life, if you want to. You really can do it. I’ll let everyone know when my book and supplements are available.

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