I hope my book can put you on the path to becoming a millionaire.


Millionaire-Update-One Million in the Bank in 3-7 Years by Michael L.F. Slavin

Millionaire-One Million in the Bank keeps getting reworked, reorganized, and I keep adding stories that are great learning vehicles of regular people with a regular business getting one million dollars or more in the bank. I am a year behind schedule but the book does keep getting better. My goal is toget the book finished and in print by the end of the August-September time frame of 2014. In the meantime, I try to post a new story every week. Please Sign up for updates and an announcement on when the book will be available, if you have not already.

Millionaire-Mission-One Million in the Bank

The mission is to show anyone who wants it, how to get one million dollars in your bank account in 3-7 years through business ownership.

Millionaire-You Need to Start a Business

This is not just a motivation book, but it gives practical ideas and tools to earn and save one million dollars. I feel and have shown with many, many examples, people of all walks of life and with different educational levels and with different financial situations that financial independence is within reach. You can be employed or unemployed. You just need the right frame of mind and tools.  I can show you the tools, show you how to do it, and where to find the free help and advice that is available.


Grab a cup of coffee, smell it, and start working on being a millionaire.

You need to start a business. You do not need a brand new innovative idea and you do not need to have any money. Any of hundreds or thousands of ordinary businesses can be your vehicle. And as for money, even if you have none, if you have thoroughly researched your business and have a plan the money is available. If you cannot get a loan, you can get financial partners and I’ll tell you how. As a side note I had my cars reposed, my house foreclosed on and was bankrupt when I started my company and four years later I had my first one million dollars in the bank. I will tell you how to do this.

Millionaire-Free Resources-One Million in the Bank

A part of the book that is also very helpful is telling you of the free resources available to help you with a business plan and advice on how to start, run and grow your business.

Millionaire-Case Studies-One Million in the Bank

Besides my personal story woven into the book, I like to think the book is filled with real live mini-case studies. People have been gracious enough to open up to me and give me numbers; you will see what it cost them to get into business and how they did it. I was so surprised, these business owners who have made a million or more, wanted to help you. It was moving to me and still is as I continue to talk to people and get their stories. You will see how much they have made and hear about their problems and successes.

I try to give as much practical advice as possible with as little fluff as possible. Here are just a few of the stories I have in the book, some can be found on the blog. The blog will usually be a little shorter version of the story, with a more expanded version in the book.

A yard man with no money to a millionaire owning a nursery

A retied man with not enough money got help from Facebook  and became a millionaire by starting a craft beer company

A machinist with no money to a millionaire by starting his own company

Three young men in a garage with no money that became millionaires selling wrist bands

A highly educated lady making $100,000+, but with no real savings, researched, prepared, then quit her job and started a clothing boutique and in a few years had a lot more time and was a millionaire

Millionaire-Buy This Book-One Million in the Bank

ocean rock

Become a millionaire and pick your own spots to go to.

This book will cost about $20 give or take a little; it has not been priced yet. You can’t afford not to buy it if you would like to have at least $1,000,000 someday. I have been told by many people reading one of my drafts, that they have never read anything like this, it made then rethink their future. A few people have told me, it is as if you wrote this book specially for me. Here is one quote:

I used to look at Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell and think, “Gee, why can’t I be one of those guys? I’ve got good business sense, I work hard, and I’m entrepreneurial–but I’ve never had a million-dollar idea like they did.” I’m a self-employed professional writer and I’m very good at what I do…but as it is, I know I won’t make the kind of money I want to doing this. I felt stuck. But One Million Dollars in the Bank got my wheels turning. Mike’s book inspired me to rethink my approach. He’s right–I don’t have to invent the next Facebook to be a business success. Instead of being disappointed about what I haven’t achieved in the past, I’m now inspired about what I’m going to achieve in the future.

– Derek Lewis, ghostwriter and author of The Business Book Bible


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