Before I start I am not trying to make people rich, but financially independent, which I have arbitrarily defined as one million in the bank. However, once you hit one million dollars most people keep going.

I guess not many people want to be poor, but I also feel not many people are willing to do what is necessary to get rich. When I ask people do you want to be rich? Most say, “ Yes, I want to be rich.” So let’s focus on those people. I fear many people are waiting for the opportunity, or procrastinating to the point they no longer even think about it. They are waiting for their ship to come in. As the comedian Johnathan Winters once said, “If your ship does not come in, you may have to swim out to meet it.” This means to be proactive.

Many worry about not having the money to start a business. As Sam Walton said, “Capital isn’t scare, vision is.” You do not need to be a visionary like Steve Jobs and change the world, which is way too intimidating. But be a visionary about yourself, about where you can go and what you can accomplish, all you need to change is you. “Poor people have a big TV, rich people have a big library.”(Jim Rohm) This statement is more about the use of your time, than TV verses library. You will never identify the type of business you want, learn to be a leader, write a business plan, or develop the skills to raise money, if you do not read and study how to do it.

So I hope you are serious. I really hope you get one million dollars in the bank, but it is up to you.

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